Neighbors Oppose Removal of Joy St Trees

By Dan Murphy

A proposal to remove two public shade trees at 3-5 Joy St. is being met with some resistance in the neighborhood.

The construction firm converting the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) back to residential housing is requesting the removal of two linden trees measuring 7 and 9 inches dbh (diameter at breast height) due, along with a gas lantern on the project site.

“There’s no other way to get trucks and equipment on site with these trees there…or at least extend the duration of the project,” said a representative for the construction firm during a hearing at the offices of the Boston Parks and Recreation Department on Thursday. “At the end of the project, the trees will be replaced in kind.”

Miguel Rosales, co-chair of the Beacon Gill Civic Association Tree Committee, described the proposal as “short-sited” and recommended instead installing tree guards and temporary fencing around the trees in question.

During the last 11 years, the committee has worked with the Parks Department to plant over 250 new trees in the neighborhood.

Joy Street resident Andra Mattaliano also opposed the proposal at the hearing.

“We have a tree issue on Joy Street… and it’s very hard to grow trees, especially in the middle of a construction project,” she said.

A final decision regarding the request will be made within two weeks of the hearing, city official said.

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