Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor:

I am writing to bring attention to two major issues in Beacon Hill.

First, the traffic that is flowing through the Hill has increased dramatically over the last few years. The major issue with this, aside from causing backups in traffic, is the speed at which these cars are traveling. I am a resident that lives on Walnut Street- every member of my family including myself, my husband two young children and dog have nearly been hit too many times to count. It is incredibly unsafe and it is completely unacceptable. I have reached out to our Civic Association, and we applied for the “slow streets” program in which we were denied for reasons unknown. The surrounding neighbors are in agreement and fed up with the lack of response from our city.

In addition, our streets have not adequately been plowed. Just this past Friday, I witnessed a car plow into the corner of Walnut and Chestnut, take down a light pole and leave the scene. The smell of gas quickly filled the air as I frantically called 911 and the fire department. It easily could have been a child in the corner crossing the street. The streets remain unplowed leaving hazardous conditions to us residents who use our sidewalks, cars and neighborhood to get around. People are parking far off the curb only making our narrow streets tighter and in my case making it impossible to use my garage spot forcing me only to compound the issue by trying to find street parking.

I am so saddened that I even have to write this email, it seems like there are simple measures that could be taken, and I cannot fathom why they have not been done. I’ve attached photos of the traffic as well as the accident that took place Friday. I am writing you to ask that you bring light to this situation.

Gina Usechek

Walnut Street


Dear Editor:

In March, The West End Museum will elect new members to its Board of Directors, each for a two-year term.

We rely on our Board to provide direction, support and resources that help to keep the Museum operational, our programming vibrant, our members engaged, and the memory of the old West End alive and well. They are an essential part of our organization.

Ultimately, we will choose some directors who have been active supporters of the Museum, and others who can provide valuable expertise, as well as strong community and/or corporate connections that will help to fulfill our mission.

We’re betting that you know someone (or more than one person) who would serve well in this role, and we want your input. If you know people you believe would be assets to our Board, please take a few minutes to nominate that person/them. We, of course, would contact your nominee/s to first ask if they are interested in serving.

Please e-mail your nominations to [email protected] no later than Saturday, February 10. The brief information we ask you to include is listed below.

Board of Directors

West End Museum

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