Gibson House Museum Hires New Curator

The Gibson House Museum, on Beacon St., a National Historic Landmark and time capsule of 19th- and early- 20th-century domestic life, has welcomed new curator Meghan Gelardi Holmes on the retirement of the museum’s curator of 25 years, Wendy Swanton.

Meghan Gelardi Holmes and Wendy Swanton, incoming and outgoing curators of the Gibson House Museum.

Holmes officially began the position Jan. 1. She will be responsible for overseeing the care, exhibition, and storage of the museum’s collection; developing interpretive materials and tours; managing restoration projects; making the collection accessible to students and scholars; maintaining records systems; and supervising film crews.

A former assistant curator of Mount Holyoke College’s Skinner Museum, Holmes holds a master’s degree in history with a certificate in public history from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She has worked extensively in the education field and specializes in 19th-century New England history. She describes herself as “an advocate for local history, place-based learning, and the use of primary documents, artifacts, and artworks to inspire children and adults alike.”


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