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Street Occupancy Permits: A Review

It seems that everywhere one looks, one sees contractors, painters or plumbers working on Beacon Hill properties. It’s a good sign of the neighborhood’s economic vitality when owners continue to invest in and care for these historic homes.

But often neighbors become frustrated with the many street occupancy permits posted by those working on the Hill. The more permits, the fewer parking spots are available for residents.

The BHCA works with neighbors and the Boston Transportation Department to ensure that contractors have the access they need to complete their work and that residents are minimally impacted by their work.


Here’s how the process works:

To obtain their initial permits, contractors must visit the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) at City Hall. There, they pay for and are given a parking permit, usually limited to two weeks and two parking spaces, depending on the equipment that is to be used. Along with the permits, BTD asks that several regulations be observed.

These regulations include the posting of signs alerting neighbors about the temporary loss of the parking spaces two days prior to the beginning of the work. Contractors may use the reserved spaces for loading and unloading tools, supplies and construction materials but not for parking their personal vehicles. Chutes must be used to drop materials into dumpsters. The work sites must be kept clean and well-swept.

During this initial two-week time, the BHCA is not involved in the process. But after it is over, contractors must come to the BHCA office to have their applications signed before heading to City Hall to renew their permits. This allows the office to keep informed about the many projects going on in the neighbor or concerns reported by neighbors. Currently the office staff is working with 25 contractors working on the Hill.

It would be very difficult for the BHCA staff to oversee all construction projects on the Hill. Therefore, it is important for neighbors to let the BHCA know if they believe the permits are being improperly used. Sending photos with comments to [email protected] is the best way to issue a report.

Expired permits

While contractors should remove the permits upon completion of their work, they often fail to do so. If residents see any permits that have expired, they should feel free them to remove them.


National Grid is currently working on Brimmer Street, and Boston Water & Sewer is planning a major project on Derne, Hancock and Bowden streets for 2019. To find out more about the work schedules of these and other utilities, contact the office at 617-227-1922.

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