Beacon Hill Architectural Commission Agenda

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, April 19, starting at 4:00 p.m. at, Boston City Hall, 1 City Hall Plaza. Piemonte Room (5th Floor), Boston, MA 02201

The following items are on the agenda:



1 8.098 BH    81 Mount Vernon Street (VIO.BH.ll6):

Applicant: Maria & John Tamvakologos, owners          .- ·

Proposed Work: Install two light fixtures flanking front entrance.


Design Review

18.1070 BH    81 Mount Vernon Street:

Applicant: Maria & John Tamvakologos, owners          _ 0

Proposed Work: Paint front door and surround; install 16 stonn  winds front elevation; install landscaping in front yard.

18.972 BH     112 Myrtle Street:

Applicant: Beth Newman, Meyer & Meyer Architects

Proposed Work: Repair front door, transom and trim to match existing; install new roof deck; clad existing headhouse with standing seam copper; replace existing bubble skylight with low profile skylight.

1 8.1096BH    92B Pinckney Street: Applicant: Francisco Medrano

Proposed Work: Install projecting sign on Charles Street elevation.

18.872 BH     11 Irving Street: Applicant: Richard Moore

Proposed Work: Replace three non-original windows on third story front elevation with SOL, double hung, 611 wood windows.

18.1062 BH    95 Mount Vernon Street: Applicant: Grace Oltarzewski

Proposed Work: Install two surveillance cameras and paint to match wall.

18.1067 BH    80 West Cedar Street: Applicant: Marisol Ortegon

Proposed Work: Remove existing rooftop deck and install new deck in existing footprint.

18.1089BH     84 Chestnut Street:

Applicant: Bryn Robinson, Boston Sign Company, Inc.

Proposed Work: Install 70″x 1 5″ wall-mounted sign above storefront.

18.1085 BH    37 Brimmer Street:

Applicant: Jeff Karpowich, Karpowich Building Contractors

Proposed Work: Replace two 4/4 windows on fourth floor to match existing.

18.1076 BH    63-69 Brimmer Street:

Applicant: Don Mills, Mills Whitaker Architects, LLC.

Proposed Work: Construct three-story addition in existing courtyard area.


Administrative Review

In order to expedite the review process, the commission  has delegated the approval of certain work items, such as those involving ordinary maintenance and repair, restoration or replacement, or which otherwise have a minimal impact on a building’s appearance,  to the staff pending ratification at its monthly public hearing.  Having been identified as meeting these eligibility criteria and all applicable guidelines, the following applications will be approved at this hearing:

18.1086 BH    68 Beacon Street: Reseal I 0 vertical joints on building to match existing mortar; repaint all existing windows, iron flower boxes and iron balconies black to match existing; repair window sills and seal.


18.1088 BH    4 Charles River Square: Restore roof deck railing; repoi nt sections of fa9ade to match existing mortar; repair windows and repaint to match existing; remove storm windows from front elevation.

1 8.1095 BH   1 Chestnut Street: Replace six wood windows on fourth floor with 6/6 wood TDL windows to match existing;  install six Tru-Channel storm windows; install copper downspout on rear elevation.

1 8.979 BH    44 Chestnut Street: Replace two non-original  I I I   wood sash sets in kind on rear elevation.

18.1050 BH    66 Chestnut Street, Apt. 6-8: Replace 11 non-original wood windows on 4th floor rear addition with JB Proper Bostonian true divided lite windows.

1 8.1001  BH  97 Chestnut Street: Install three Tru-Channel storm windows with half screens on dom1ered windows.

1 8.986 BH    2 Dem  e Street: Replace existing asphalt shingles on roof to match existing.

1 8.985 BH    24 Garden Street: Repoint sections of front fa9ade with mortar to match existing; replace broken lintel above paired windows on front elevation to match existing in material, dimension and color; dismantle and reconstruct chimney and install low-profile chimney cap.


1 8.1092BH    24 Garden Street: Replace nine non-historic wood windows on front elevation with wood 6/6 TDL windows to match existing and paint black; replace shutters on front elevation to match existing.

18.1069 BH    17 Hancock Street: Repair section of panel at entrance to match existing; remove  water meter and reader in panel; repaint front door and entryway.

18.1082 BH    5 Joy Street: Remove non-original brick chimney extension to match adjoined chimney at 4 Joy Street.

l8.1101BH      19 Myrtle Street: Scrape, prime and paint wood storefronts and marquee in kind; repoint mortar on limestone to match existing color, sand content, texture and tooling; repoint loose mortar joints on brick fa9ade and replace in kind; remove loose concrete patch near sidewalk and replace in existing dimensions, material and color.

18.1045 BH    64 Phillips Street: Install copper parapet cap at roof with 3″ expression.

1 8.978 BH    75 Pinckney Street: Replace sash sets on two non-historic parlor-level wood 6/6 windows with wood, TDL double hung windows at front elevation.

l 8.1041BH     1 Primus Avenue, Apt. 2: Replace existing storm windows on front elevation, 2″d story with Harvey Tru-Channel storm windows with half screens.

18.974 BH      80-80A West Cedar Street: Deconstruct top 30 courses of brick and relay using mortar to match existing.

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