Archer and Donahue Project Moves Closer to Receiving BHAC Approval

The team behind the proposed residential redevelopment of the Hiriaam J. Archer and Frank J. Donahue buildings at Temple and Derne streets is one step closer to receiving approval from the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission after representatives viewed proposed building materials and a site mockup on July 10.

A site mockup showing the proposed corner windows on the Archer Residence’s upper stories.

Dedham-based JDMD Owner, LLC, is converting the two adjacent buildings formerly owned and occupied by Suffolk University into “Archer Residences” – an approximately 70-unit condominium complex, with rooftop additions, including penthouse units, as well as 50 on-site, below-grade parking spaces. A multi-use passageway, approximately 20 wide, would also be constructed between Temple Street and Ridgeway Lane as part of the plan.

The project’s lead architect is The Architectural Team of Chelsea and its landscape architect is Boston-based Copley Wolff Design Group. Consigli Construction Company of Boston is the general contractor.

Matt Dugan of The Architectural Team said at the corners on the second story and higher levels an outer glass layer measuring 3/16 of an inch would be installed, as well as an inner layer measuring a ¼ inch that would be treated with a subtle glazing designed to increase “Low-E (low emissivity)” coating.

Dugan said the development team is currently working with the window manufacturer to address concerns raised by Miguel Rosales, the BHAC’s representative for Historic New England, raised regarding the caulking joints at the corner windows.

“The detailing of this building is very important as it will be seen at close range along Temple Street and should be of the highest quality,” Rosales said.

Eric Hill, preservation planner for the city’s Environmental Department, said once this issue is adequately addressed, the BHAC can green-light the project, which then must receive additional approval from the Boston Planning and Development and Planning Agency.

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