Michael Grogan Elected to Beacon Hill Village Board

Michael P. Grogan, who moved his business, Grogan & Company, to 20 Charles Street in 2013, is nationally recognized for his skills in appraising and auctioning heirloom furnishings and jewelry of value.

But not as well known is how highly he values being part of a community. For example, during the 30 years in which he and his wife Nancy lived in Dedham, he volunteered his time and talents to community organizations ranging from the local historical society to an organization offering programs primarily to children.

So it is not surprising to learn that soon after Grogan moved to Boston last year, he looked again for ways to participate in the community. This time he reached out to Beacon Hill Village (BHV), a member-driven organization for Boston residents 50 and over that provides programs and services that help members lead vibrant, active and healthy lives while remaining in their own homes and neighborhoods.

Beacon Hill Village enthusiastically welcomed Grogan and recently elected him to serve on its board of directors. At the same time, Doug Fitzsimmons was elected to serve as president and Karen Garvin as vice-president. Both are Beacon Hill residents.

Grogan believes BHV is a natural fit for him. During his 40 years at the helm of Grogan & Company, he has often worked with families going through major life transitions, such as moving, downsizing or coping with the loss of a friend or family member. “I find myself coming into households where I get deeply involved with family members and talk at great length about their life experiences,” he said. “I’m more aware and empathetic to the older segment of society than I have ever been.”

And now he’s ready to roll up his sleeves and get involved with members of BHV, a village within the village of Beacon Hill.

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