Letter to the Editor

Beacon Hill Pub not a neighborhood asset

Dear Editor,

For those of us who live on Charles Street or near the Beacon Hill Pub, we do not feel that having the Pub in our neighborhood is an asset as your lead article in the Aug. 10 issue suggests. When the Pub closes at 2 a.m., the patrons are allegedly often very noisy, especially Thursday-Saturday, they throw trash on the ground, and as owners of the alley between 135 and 137 Charles St., we even occasionally find vomit in the alleyway.    We are pleased to welcome the new owners of the Pub, but do hope that they recognize the problems the Pub causes our residential neighborhood.

One thing they could do immediately is to close the Pub at 1 a.m., the typical closing hour for bars in Boston.


Judith and John Dowling

Charles Street

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