Mayor Walsh Recommends Allocating $27,000 for Esplanade Tree Canopy

As part of its fall funding Community Preservation Committee (CPC), Mayor Martin Walsh has recommended the allocation of $27,000 to support the planting and maintenance of trees on the Charles River Esplanade.

“We were delighted to have Mayor Walsh and the Community Preservation Committee recommend the first year of our new tree succession effort on the Esplanade for funding,” said Michael Nichols, executive director at the Esplanade Association. “The Esplanade’s 1,700-tree canopy is in need of critical attention to ensure its continued health and these funds will support significantly improved tree planting and care efforts beginning this year. We’re grateful for the support of the City, as well as Councilor Zakim and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, for collaborating to support this grant.”

In all, the mayor and the CPC recommended 56 projects, totaling more than $34 million, for inclusion in the fall funding round for the Community Preservation Act (CPA). The CPC held a public meeting on Feb. 11 to vote on the mayor’s recommended slate of projects for funding, and the projects will be submitted to the Boston City Council for approval with an anticipated vote from the council in March.             “I am proud to recommend these proposals for funding approval, which will support our community in countless ways,” Walsh said in a statement. “Since residents voted to adopt the Community Preservation Act two years ago, we have awarded CPA funding for projects in every neighborhood. We look forward to continuing to use this revenue to build on our work related to affordable housing, historic preservation and open space.”

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