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Our thanks to the Boston Parks and Recreation Department!

As you may have noticed, a Big Belly trash container was removed from the Myrtle Street Playground several months ago. The Friends of the Myrtle Street Playground saw the proximity of the waste recipient as unhealthy for the children and families who gather in the park, and so enlisted the City’s support to have it removed. An unpleasant array of dog waste bags ensued where the trash container had been.

Fortunately, the BHCA was able to successfully work with the Friends and the Parks & Recreation Department, who recently installed the container shown above across from the park on the corner of Irving Street. The BHCA will continue to work on the potential installation of smaller dog waste containers at several spots on the Hill.

Let’s keep our neighborhood clean and beautiful!

A new Big Belly trash can has appeared on Myrtle Street!

Come Join Us!

Come join us at the BHCA, 74 Joy Street, on Friday, April 5th, for our First Friday Coffee Hour. The coffee hour provides a relaxed opportunity for members to express their ideas or concerns and for potential members to understand what we do for the neighborhood. Councilor Ed Flynn will join us to discuss his role in our community.

The 23rd Annual Beacon Award

Every year at its Annual Meeting, the Beacon Hill Civic Association gives out a special community award that honors those people and groups deserving of particular recognition for their significant and sustained contributions to the Beacon Hill community.

This year’s presentation of the Beacon Award will take place at the 97th Annual Meeting on May 20th. Over the years, the contributions made by the winners have ranged from working with neighborhood youth or the elderly, to beautifying local green spaces, improving safety on the Hill, preserving and enhancing the quality of life for residents, and envisioning the future of our community.

Again this year, the BHCA is inviting members of the community to nominate individuals or groups they feel are deserving of the 23rd Annual Beacon Award. The final selection will be made by a ten-person committee representing a variety of organizations in the community. You can access the 2019 Beacon Award nomination form on our website at, or by calling the BHCA office at 617-227-1922. Nominations must be submitted to [email protected] (or by mail to the BHCA at 74 Joy Street, Boston, MA 02114) by April 8, 2019.

Upcoming BHCA Meetings

Tuesday, April 2: Streets & Sidewalks Committee Meeting; 6:30pm at 74 Joy Street.

Wednesday, April 3: Cambridge Street Committee Meeting; 6pm at 74 Joy Street. Zoning & Licensing Committee Meeting; 7pm at 74 Joy Street.

Other upcoming BHCA Events

Beacon Hill Meet & Greet – Monday, April 1st

First Friday Coffee Hour – Friday, April 5th

Founders Circle Reception – Tuesday, April 30th

New Members Reception – May 2nd

BHCA Annual Meeting – May 20th

Visit the Beacon Hill Civic Association website or call the office (617-227-1922) for more information on any of these events.

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