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On New Trash Pickup Times

Dear Editor:

As a longtime resident of Beacon Hill and trustee of a condominium association, I read with much trepidation the City’s decision to advance the pickup time for trash to 6 a.m. beginning on July 1.   I understand the reasoning to be the earlier start would lessen traffic congestion.  I was not aware that public comments were solicited prior to this decision being made.  If City residents had an opportunity to submit comments, I believe the overwhelming majority would not be in favor of this decision for the following reasons: 

First, as you may be aware, there is an infestation of rats in certain neighborhoods including Beacon Hill.  We are trying to combat the problem by urging neighbors to place their trash out on the morning before pickup so as to prevent pests (and vagrants) from scavenging overnight.   We have been making some progress; however, the earlier pickup time undoubtedly will exacerbate the problem as more trash would be put out the night before pickup, particularly as the days grow shorter. 

Second, I understood that the “quiet“ time in Boston is between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m..  If true, would the noise from the trash and recycling trucks not be in violation of this rule?

I hope that this ill-conceived decision can be reversed to the benefit of all residents of Boston.

Robert Hodakowski

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