BHAC Ruling on Garage Door Is Not the Standard Decision

In an atypical ruling, the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission (BHAC) voted unanimously to approve an application allowing the homeowner of 74 Chestnut St. to replace the cedar door of a coverless garage with one made of a composite wood product at its Aug. 15 public hearing at City Hall, with a proviso acknowledging this is a unique case that should set no precedent for other doors in the Historic District.

The applicant, Ryan Garrity of Boston-based Sea-Dar Construction, told the commission the homeowner intends to replicate the existing conditions of the door, which measures 16 feet long, using the “versatile” pine-composite material Tricoya.

“This is a unique application because we don’t have a roof, and there’s exposure on both sides,” Garrity said in regard to the matter, which was continued from the commission’s June 20 hearing.

The approval of this application also allows the homeowner to upgrade the strength of the garage-door motor, which Garrity said “has failed…and is creating safety risks.”

The commission also unanimously approved an application to replace and upgrade two existing security cameras at 68 Beacon St. – one located on the building’s northwest camera, the other on its northeast corner – with what applicant Richard Lyerla described as two 4K Lorex “torpedo” cameras.

Likewise, the commission unanimously approved an application to install a copper cap on the northwest chimney at 42 Mt. Vernon St., with provisos that it improve the appearance of the chimney, and that other chimney elements be replaced.

In another matter, the commission voted unanimously to approve an application as submitted to replace an existing hanging light with a hanging lantern on the front façade of 42 Chestnut St., with the proviso that the new light fixture be hung in a “traditional location consistent with other nearby doorways,” according to the motion.

The commission voted unanimously to replace an existing wood picket fence at the rear of the property at 16 Cedar St. with a lattice-paneled fence, with the proviso that it match existing fences at 10 and 12 Cedar St.

Also, the commission unanimously approved an application to replace in kind existing aluminum, sliding double-doors leading to the balcony at 23 Pinckney St., with the proviso that they instead be French doors that match the dimension of the existing doors.

Regarding 14 Beacon St., the commission instructed the applicant to leave in place the metal shutters at the building’s north and west elevations, which the applicant had sought to remove, while remanding to subcommittee the applicant’s request to install removable CC75 window film inside of all south and west facing windows.

Meanwhile, the commission voted unanimously to continue an application for 85 Pinckney St., which includes expanding the existing headhouse, as well as the existing bay window at the rear ell; replacing the light fixture, intercom system and hardware at the front door entry; and replacing an existing window louver at the front façade with a window and window grille.

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