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Dear Editor,

I am reaching out to you today regarding the District 8 City Council election, which is fast approaching. As you know, I was a candidate during this election season and had the opportunity to engage with the other candidates in meaningful dialogue about the most critical issues facing our community. Over the past few weeks, I have also had the opportunity to speak at length with Kenzie Bok regarding the day-to-day quality-of-life issues that we are all faced with as city residents, and, of course, we discussed the much larger district-specific and city-wide issues. 

While Kenzie and I have different life experiences and different approaches to serving District 8, we both recognize the great value of community advocacy and how the dedication of District 8 residents has shaped our historic neighborhoods and community green spaces. Kenzie and I also share a sense of urgency with regard to affordable housing, the opioid crisis, public schools, and transportation. It is important for a city councilor to improve the day-to-day issues on the local level while working in parallel on larger strategic initiatives.

I am endorsing Kenzie for City Councilor because she has committed to showing up and advocating for neighbors at community meetings, especially where development is concerned. I am backing her as she agrees that there needs to be a fundamental change with regard to the BRA – not just a name change to BPDA. She understands that the role of Boston City Councilor is to invite people to the table, actively engage residents in substantial dialogue, connect people to resources, and enact change that has measurable and positive impact.

Kenzie has called Boston home for decades, as have I, and we know that this is the time for strong and active leadership to manage growth while preserving the fabric of our neighborhoods. I look forward to working with Kenzie to improve civic engagement and equity across District 8. Please make a plan to get to the polls on Tuesday, November 5th, to exercise your right to vote – and take a neighbor with you!

Kristen Mobilia

Former District 8 City Council Candidate

20-year Fenway Resident and Community Advocate

Vote Erin Murphy for City Council At-Large!

Dear Editor,

We are writing to encourage everyone in Boston to vote for Erin Murphy for City Council At-Large on Nov. 5. Erin left her position as a BPS teacher after 22 years in the classroom to run for office for the first time. We know Erin Murphy as a friend, the teacher of our kids, the neighborhood leader who always shows up to help out however she can, and as a person of integrity who is running for office for all the right reasons: To represent the voices of every-day residents in every neighborhood; To improve City services for our seniors, children, and our most vulnerable neighbors; And to bring her formidable work ethic to the full time job of being a Boston City Councilor.

Tuesday’s election is an important one. There may be as many as five new City Councilors elected this year, and we hope every resident will make it to the polls on November 5th. All the neighborhoods of Boston deserve a City Councilor who will be a truly independent voice. Erin is a first-time candidate for office, but her roots in our city run deep, as does her commitment to supporting causes that matter to all of us. As a Boston Public School classroom teacher for 22 years, Erin advocated for her special needs students and their families who were in danger of falling through cracks in the system and not receiving the services they needed. Mayor Walsh named her to his Education Transition team because of her long years of experience in service to public education and Boston families. Erin was also recognized by Gov. Baker and the Gavin Foundation for raising awareness and much-needed funds for addiction and mental health recovery services for those suffering and their families. Erin is a tireless advocate for reducing the stigma of addiction and mental health issues.

Please consider Erin Murphy for one of your four At-Large City Council votes on Tuesday, Nov. 5. Erin has earned her reputation as the “hardest working candidate in the race” by knocking on thousands of doors across the City and meeting residents where they live and work to listen and learn so that she can be a leader who is truly responsive to the needs of our neighborhoods. For a sensible, honest, hard-working At-Large Councilor in City Hall, vote for Erin Murphy!


Nicole Shand, MATTAPAN


Susan & Danny McMorrow, WEST ROXBURY

Anne and John McGahan, SOUTH BOSTON

Nancy Doherty,


Jeff Ross, SOUTH END

Luis Grillon, EAST BOSTON


Anne Cullinane, ROXBURY

Billy Cosetta,



Deirdre Manning, DORCHESTER

Angel Argueta,


Eddie Brown, HYDE PARK

Kristin & Stephen Walsh, DORCHESTER

Kathleen Chardavoyne, CHARLESTOWN

Judy Kelly Manning,


Brian and Susan Donelan, ROSLINDALE

Marguerite LeBlanc,


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