Capobianco Seeks Re-election for Democratic State Committee

Democratic State Committeeman Valentino Capobianco has formally announced he is seeking re-election for Democratic State Committee representing the First Suffolk and Middlesex Senate District. Capobianco will appear on the Democratic Presidential Primary Ballot on March 3.

Having served on the Democratic State Committee since the age of 18 and the Winthrop School Committee since the age of 25, Capobianco is in a unique position to use his experience as an asset to the committee. First Suffolk and Middlesex Democratic State Committee Woman Denise LoConte said that “Valentino is a proven Democratic leader and a rising young star in our party. He’s a valued member of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee and I look forward to serving with him over the next four years.”

Capobianco was born in East Boston, and now calls Winthrop his home. Capobianco is a graduate of Winthrop High School and Suffolk University. He is currently Chief of Staff for State Sen. Paul Feeney and has worked on several high profile Democratic Campaigns. He is currently a sitting member of the Winthrop School Committee were he served as Chairman, a member of the Winthrop 2020 Census Committee, and the Winthrop Airport Hazards Committee.

Over the next four years Capobianco is committed to electing and preserving Democrats running for state and federal offices. He is committed to building a grassroots organization at the precinct level, and building party membership. Additionally he is committed to ensuring that President Trump will be defeated this November and he is committed to working day in and day out to electing the Democratic Party nominee. 

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