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A Bit of BHCA History

The shelves at the Beacon Hill Civic Association at 74 Joy Street are full of ledgers and meeting notes dating back to the founding of the organization in 1922.

The first meeting of what was then called the Beacon Hill Association took place on December 5, 1922, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon at 3 Joy Street. The By-Laws at that time show Annual Dues of “two dollars payable at the close of the annual meeting”!

Some Beacon Hill Civic Association membership ledgers

These are the Notes from that First Meeting in 1922.

The meeting was called to order by the Vice President, Miss Grace W. Minns. The Secretary, Miss Marion C. Nichols, described the circumstances which led to the formation of the Association and outlined its purpose and plans.

Mr. William C. Codman spoke of the proposed Beacon Hill Club Trust and showed plans of the Club House which was to be located at the corner of Mount Vernon and West Cedar Streets.

Mr. Arthur C. Comey, Zoning Director for the Boston City Planning Board, spoke on “The Zoning Situation in Boston”.

Discussion followed.

The meeting was well attended with about seventy members and guests present. Copies of the By-Laws and membership slips were distributed.

By the next meeting on February 2nd, 1923, the membership had grown to 85.

Today, as we look forward to our 100th Anniversary in 2022, the BHCA is an ever-growing group of neighbors whose support, time and energy continue with the purpose established in 1922 – to preserve Beacon Hill as the special place we all want to call home. Times may have changed as we as we respond to current situations with new ways of working, connecting and fulfilling our “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” motto but our ongoing efforts in community building, civic engagement, and historic preservation will continue to connect and support Beacon Hill residents and those who care for this unique neighborhood.

Upcoming BHCA Meetings and Events

Monday, May 4: Beacon Hill Meet & Greet (virtual) at 6pm.

Wednesday, May 6: Zoning & Licensing Meeting (virtual) at 7pm.

Monday, May 18: Annual Meeting (virtual) at 6pm.

Write to the BHCA at [email protected] or call the office at 617-227-1922 for more information about any of these meetings or events.

Join us!

If you haven’t yet become a member of the BHCA, we invite you to join online at

 Your input in quality of life issues on the Hill is important to us, and we rely on you our neighbors to bring your comments and concerns to our attention. By joining our membership, you strengthen our numbers and add credibility to our purpose as advocates for Beacon Hill. Please call our office at 617-227-1922 or email the BHCA Executive Director at [email protected] with any questions, comments or concerns, or to learn more about how you can get involved in your community. 

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