This Sunday Is Mother’s Day

During this time of unprecedented upheaval because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the rituals that most of us traditionally follow either have been eliminated or drastically changed because of the need to practice physical distancing.

So too, the manner in which we observe Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday, May 10, will be different from all others before it. The traditional family get-togethers that we usually observe will be cancelled or modified to a great extent because of the situation in which we find ourselves.

However, it often is said that necessity is the mother of invention (no pun intended) and in that spirit we’re sure that all of our readers will find a way to honor their mothers in some fashion, whether it be something as simple as a phone call or by a family gathering via Zoom.

Oftentimes, the smallest of gestures can mean the most.

We hope too, that Mother’s Day this year will serve as a way for all of us to think about what is most important in our lives — our family, friends, and loved ones — as we struggle to make sense of these turbulent times amidst a pandemic. 

We know we join with all of our readers in wishing all of our moms a happy Mother’s Day.

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