Medical Experts Named to Advisory Council to Beacon Hill Village

COVID-19 has placed older adults at risk. One organization serving the older adults is not taking the virus threat lightly. The Beacon Hill Village, a virtual retirement community of 400 members in central Boston, has added three medical experts to its advisory Beacon Hill Council. Frank Mead, Chair of the Council, announced the following appointments June 20:

Nancy Adams, MD, was Medical Director of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Chelsea, MA. Doctor Adams also was a Clinical Instructor in Medicine at Tufts and Harvard Universities. She has extensive experience in the delivery of geriatric care to patients with multiple complex medical problems.

H. Kim Bottomly is a scientist, entrepreneur, and former president of Wellesley College, Dr. Bottomly was a faculty member at Yale University, where she made fundamental discoveries in immunobiology in the areas of asthma and allergy. She also is a founding member and researcher at N-FOLD LLC, a company developing novel immunotherapeutic strategies to alter the immune system’s response to food allergens.

Christine Ritchie, MD, serves as the Kenneth Minaker Endowed Chair of Geriatric Medicine, as Director of Research in the Division of Palliative Care and Geriatric Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and as the Director of a newly established Center for Aging and Serious Illness within the Mongan Institute at MGH.

Frank  Mead, Beacon Hill Council Chair, said 

“These three medical professionals are already contributing members to the Beacon Hill Village. They have shared extensive knowledge to our community this past spring about issues relating to Covid-19 and its impact upon senior healthcare. We are pleased to be able ton contact them for guidance in this difficult time.”

Beacon Hill Village is a member-driven, non-profit organization serving residents age 50 and over who live primarily in Boston’s Back Bay, Beacon Hill, West End, the South End and surrounding neighborhoods. It provide activities, programs, services, and opportunities for community engagement, as well as needed assistance, so that its members may lead active, independent and healthy lives and successfully navigate the transitions of growing older.

The Beacon Hill Council is comprised of individuals who are interested in furthering the mission of BHV by serving as supporters and by providing guidance in their respective fields of expertise.

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