Charles Circle Bluebikes Station Busiest in Metro-Boston System

The Charles Circle Blubikes station is now the busiest in the metro-Boston system.

The station’s ridership was estimated at 3,704, up from 3,291 last June, making it one of the few stations in the system with higher ridership last month than during the same timeframe in 2019.

The Charles Circle Bluebikes station, which is now busiest in the Metro-Boston system.

Also, while ridership system-wide was down around 70 percent in April from the previous year, the decline in usage was only about 20 percent for the Charles Circle station.

In late March, Bluebikes began partnering with the city to provide free 30-day passes to healthcare workers, which is believed to have been a factor in the high ridership number reported at the Charles Circle station, along with its close proximity to the Charles River Esplanade.

Bluebikes now has around 330 stations and more than 3,000 bikes serving Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Everett and Somerville in its metro-Boston system.

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