Obituaries 09-24-2020

Carolyn Livingston

True Gracious Southern Woman of Taste and Elegance and Longtime Beacon Hill Times Columnist

Carolyn Livingston of Boston died on September 10.

“Born and raised in North Carolina, Carolyn was a true gracious Southern woman of taste and elegance hiding behind an impish smile. She studied English, drama and French at the University of Mary Washington, Class of ‘62, taking her junior year abroad in Switzerland.

After many adventures abroad and at home, Carolyn became a Beacon Hill transplant and easily settled into the community. Whether teaching a Memoir writing class for the Beacon Hill Seminars or acting as a French interpreter at Mass General, she inspired others.

 Her long running column for the Beacon Hill Times was often filled with wit and wisdom. Carolyn studied people and embraced friends.               

With her old-fashioned compact, she could powder her nose and see what was happening behind her. Beloved for her humor, courage, and intelligence, Carolyn was all about friendship, loyalty, and honesty.

For longtime friends as well as her new friends at Youville House in Cambridge, she will remain a treasure.

Carolyn became ill from Covid-19 in April. Though she recovered from the virus in time to celebrate her 80th birthday, it took something out of her. During a time of pandemic restrictions, we often said we would visit, “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.” Seems that creek just kept on rising.       Impatient and undeterred, Carolyn summoned a cloud, smiled, and waved good-bye.

She was predeceased by her parents, William O. Livingstone and Roberta (Weeks) Livingstone, and her former husband, Joseph Massik.”

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