Friends of the Public Garden Hold 51st Annual Meeting

The Friends of the Public Garden held their 51st Annual Meeting on April 16, a virtual event with over 115 people attending.

Leslie Adam, the Board chair, welcomed everyone and emphasized the importance of our parks for everyone this past year, as a place of respite, and a place to be outside and enjoy the seasons. 

President Liz Vizza gave a presentation about all the work done by the Friends in the parks during this past year as well as the virtual programs and activities hosted by the Friends, as well as in partnership with other organizations. She thanked our partners in government who work to support our parks every day, summarized how vital the parks have been during this pandemic, and emphasized the importance of ensuring that the parks are welcoming to all. This year was an important year for the parks as theaters for social change, embracing the long history of the Common as a place to make our voices heard. Imari Paris Jeffries, Executive Director of King Boston shared an inspiring presentation about The Embrace, a living memorial that will be on Boston Common, honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, and their time and work together in Boston

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