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Reminder: Beacon Hill Civic Association Annual Meeting – Monday, May 17th

Our annual meeting for members will take place next Monday at 6pm via Zoom. Call the office at 627-227-1922 for more infomration. We will be emailing the joining instructions to those members who have responded on Friday, May 14th.

Joseph Bagley, City Archaeologist for the City of Boston, will be our keynote speaker. You won’t want to miss his fascinating presentation!

Celebrate Earth Day every dayGetting Started with Composting!

Years ago it would have been crazy to think about adding a recycling bin next to your trash, now it’s second nature! It’s time to add a new bin to your kitchen – the composting bin. Compost bins are for all of your organic waste- food scraps, coffee grounds, garden materials, even paper! Instead of these materials going to a landfill to break down and release methane, these valuable resources can be turned into a nutrient rich soil to be used for gardening. So how do you get started? The City of Boston has a program called Project Oscar that has community bins around the city; the nearest one to Beacon Hill is in City Hall Plaza where you can drop off your compost whenever you want! Too far of a walk? Try one of the many commercial composting services that will pick up your compost right at your door like City Compost, Bootstrap Compost, and Black Earth Compost. It’s a small way to make a big difference!

Be on the lookout for more sustainable tips from our committees in the BHCA Community Corner!

Upcoming BHCA Meetings *

Beacon Hill Civic Association Annual Meeting of Members

Monday, May 17th at 6pm via Zoom

Topic:  “Wells, Privies, and Diverse Histories: The Archaeology of Beacon Hill”.

* Email us at [email protected] or call the office (617-227-1922) for joining instructions or additional information on any of these meetings and events.

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