‘Spring Eternal’ Event Ready to Go on Saturday

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We now are on the eve of our “Spring Eternal” event coming this Saturday May 22.

Many businesses have been lost, but we now share an opportunity to demonstrate our collective rise from great loss to new hope. How wonderful to see our small business community bustling about to hang posters, spruce up store windows with the artwork from students at Park Street School and The Advent School, supplying gifts for the drawing and preparing to meet and greet their neighbors with an opportunity to give thanks to all who enter for helping to see them through difficult times. Students, teachers, parents, residents, business owners, all three Beacon Hill community organizations – Business, Civic and Village – and two steadfast political representatives, Kenzie Bok and Jay Livingstone, all working as one to support this spring project.

“It has been said that we have all achieved the impossible,” said Mark Duffield, event organizer.  “No, we have not achieved the impossible…we have merely proven the possible exists in us all. So, let’s get out there in the fresh air and have some fun.  Thanks to all.”

 Duffield added, “My one regret and apology is that we were not able to include every possible business.  Out of time and out of space on the entry card and out of manpower to get to all with deadlines looming we were unable to do so.  We hope that residents as they roam the streets this Saturday might perhaps enter those stores and attach a business card and count them as a store entered.”

Again the process:

* Pick up an entry card in any of the 35 businesses listed.

* Visit 13 or more businesses, and have your card validated by the clerk.

* Print clearly your name, phone and email where indicated, and drop off your entry at Upstairs Downstairs at 69 Charles St. before Sunday, May 23, at 5 p.m. Winners of the fabulous prizes will be notified as soon as entries are tabulated…and will be informed on where to pick them up.  All prizes can be seen in the display window at Upstairs Downstairs

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