Student Winners Selected in ‘Spring Eternal’ Contest

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For the last couple of weeks students at The Advent School and Park Street School have been busy coloring in copies of the “Spring Eternal” logo designed by Remy Stressenger of REMY’s Clothing Boutique at 96 Charles St.

Furthermore, each student was also challenged in a contest to provide two names for the shopping duck that will adorn the official poster that is being displayed in 35 windows as we speak, including Flat of the Hill, which was the first business to do so, as well as 75 Chestnut and Cheers.   

75 Chestnut is one of the businesses displaying the “Spring Eternal” logo pages colored by local students.
Remy Stressenger inspects the artwork.


Combined, nearly 200 wonderful entries were received, and it was a difficult choice to pick a winner from each school.  But after much scrutiny Remy was able to choose a winner from each.  So, “Spring Eternal” is pleased to announce our two winners who each received a genuine Morgan Silver Dollar from the 1800s as a prize.  Thank you, Remy.

From The Advent School, our winner was Alex T!  The winning name chosen – “Bloom.”

From Park Street School our winner was Judy.  The winning name chosen – “Wiggletickles.”

Congratulations from the Spring Eternal Team and best wishes and thanks to all students who participated.  Well done. All of the artistic work, nearly 200, by these wonderful students will be on display in 35 store windows come soon and throughout the event which commences on May 22. 

And a special thanks to all the teachers who encourage artistic endeavors and civic participation in our neighborhood.

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