Gibson House Museum Offering Micro-Weddings

The Gibson House Museum, located at 137 Beacon St., held its first micro-wedding two years ago when a couple with no family nearby who was searching for a unique and historic venue for their nuptials reached out to the museum about having the ceremony there.

The ceremony was limited to the groom, a member of the Coast Guard who was stationed locally, and his fiancée, who also wasn’t originally from the area, along with the minster who officiated their vows, said Michelle Coughlin, museum administrator.  The couple tied the knot in the museum’s Music Room, which, added Coughlin, opened up the possibility for future micro-weddings there.

The couple who was married two
years ago at the Gibson House

The Music Room, added Coughlin, is the most conducive room in the museum to stage a wedding ceremony, as well as a place where chairs could be set up to accommodate several guests.

For micro-weddings, couples will exchange their vows, followed by a champagne toast, in the Music Room, said Coughlin, while the staircase and other spots throughout the museum will also be open to them for photographs after the ceremony.  The Gibson House Museum  can’t accommodate wedding receptions, however, she said, so would-be guests are encouraged to plan accordingly.

While the Gibson House Museum has only hosted one micro-wedding to date, it has been used for multiple photos shoots, as well as for the filming of the 2019 movie, “Little Women,” so, said Coughlin, “we’re used to opening it up to the public in different ways other than tours.”

Moreover, Coughlin said offering micro-weddings is an example of how the museum has pivoted to meet the challenges of the pandemic.

“Tour capacity has been lower than normal because of COVID,” she said, “so we have to find other ways to keep the museum sustainable and also to meet our mission of public outreach.”

The Gibson House Museum also offers a unique alternative for those who are now forgoing larger gatherings in favor of smaller ceremonies, said Coughlin.

To learning more about micro-weddings at the Gibson House Museum, email Michelle Coughlin, museum administrator, at [email protected].

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