Boston Antiques and Lampshades Adopts New Name to Reflect Expanded Inventory

Formerly Boston Antiques, the recently christened Boston Antiques and Lampshades at 119 Charles St. has a new name to reflect its newly expanded inventory.

Four years ago, owner Brian Maglione joined then-proprietor Louis Desautels as co-owner of the business Desautels opened on Charles Street 38 years ago, and four months ago, Maglione became sole owner of the longstanding shop.

When he bought out Desautels, Maglione decided to rebrand the business and move beyond the shop’s regular inventory of antiques, silverware, and jewelry to also sell lighting and lamp shades.

“I’m bringing in contemporary and vintage lighting, and will carry ready-made lampshades, and offer custom lamp-shade services,” said Maglione, adding they would also offer custom trim for lampshade and custom-made lamp finials.

Prior to coming to Boston Antiques and Lampshades, Maglione was already a veteran of Charles Street’s “Antique Row” after first coming to work for Regency Antiques in 1988. Here, he sold the lampshades and lighting they carried and became well acquainted with these product lines, so selling such items today seemed like a natural progression for him (as well as an idea that had been percolating in his head for more than a year).

While Maglione had hoped the shop would be fully stocked with the lampshades and lighting by the time he took over as sole proprietor of the business, product orders placed months ago are only now arriving due to the postal backlog amid the pandemic. And although the lampshade and lighting products he sells are domestically made, fabrics for lampshades often come from China, and those materials have also been slow to ship to the U.S. since covid struck.

All of this has made taking inventory significantly more difficult for Maglione, as a task that, he said, should have taken him five weeks has turned into a four-month endeavor.

But Maglione believes it’s all been worth the wait, and that customers will agree when they see what Boston Antiques and Lampshades now has to offer.

For more information, call 617-367-9000, visit, or email [email protected].

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