Edwards Receives Political Endorsements

Endorsed by Mass Alliance

Lydia Edwards has been endorsed by Mass Alliance in the special election to State Senate. Primary Election Day is December 14, 2021. General Election Day is January 11, 2022.

“Lydia Edwards understands that the way to deliver real progressive change is through organizing and engaging people of all backgrounds to come up with policy solutions to lift up those who are often marginalized,” said Jordan Berg Powers, Executive Director of Mass Alliance. “Mass Alliance is proud to endorse Lydia Edwards because she is focused on delivering those innovative policies that will uplift everyone in our communities and isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo.”

Mass Alliance is a coalition for political and advocacy organizations that work together to build a progressive Massachusetts. By working together, the members of Mass Alliance create a community of shared values. Their cooperation enhances their ability to build progressive power around priority issues. Mass Alliance works with local progressive champions to become candidates and continue to support their development and advancement when they become elected officials. They endorse candidates for the State House who support all the priorities of the coalition members, and prioritize races where they can make the most difference.

Lydia Edwards has been a bold, progressive leader on the Boston City Council:

• Drafted and filed a proposal to change the budget allocation process to make it more accountable to the counselors and the people they represent;

• Filed legislation to modernize and reform Boston’s Zoning Board of Appeal;

• Proposed an ordinance and complementary zoning amendment that aims to remove the ZBA from the Boston Cannabis Commission process while still making sure that cannabis businesses are opened in a responsible, equitable way.

• Filed a proposal to explore retaining remote-access abilities for all City Hall hearings and meetings.

Lydia Edwards is a candidate for State Senate representing the First Suffolk and Middlesex District, following the departure of Senator Joseph A. Boncore. For a full and up-to-date list of endorsements, visit: LydiaEdwards.org/endorsements.

Councilor Lydia Edwards is a career advocate, activist, and voice on behalf of society’s most vulnerable. She is currently the Chair of the Committee on Government Operations and the Committee on Housing and Community Development in the Boston City Council. Learn more at LydiaEdwards.org/meet-lydia.

Endorsed by Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund

Lydia Edwards has been endorsed by the Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) Action Fund in the special election to State Senate. Primary Election Day is December 14, 2021. General Election Day is January 11, 2022.

“From Day One on the Boston City Council, Lydia Edwards has been a champion for environmental justice, fighting for equity and clean energy while taking on corporate polluters in a district defined by the waterfront. We need a voice like hers in the State Senate particularly now as we face an unprecedented crisis in our climate resiliency efforts. Lydia gets it done every time and the ELM Action Fund enthusiastically supports her candidacy for State Senate,” said Clare Kelly, Executive Director of the ELM Action Fund.

ELM Action Fund was launched in 2015 to build the political will in Massachusetts to pass bold and ambitious environmental policies. Since its founding, the organization has grown into a respected and reliable resource for elected officials, candidates and voters. The ELM Action Fund continues to pass laws that protect our environmental legacy, hold our elected officials accountable, and build the political power of the environmental community. Read more.

As a city councilor, Lydia Edwards has fought against corporate polluters and pressed for investment in clean energy and public transit. She’s worked to cut pollution from Logan Airport and pushed Massport to invest in air filtration systems for public schools, community centers, and housing. From day one, she opposed Eversource’s poorly-sited electrical substation in East Boston, urging the state to consider lower-impact, clean energy alternatives. 

Lydia has voted to support climate resilience investments in Boston’s park systems, protecting both nature and neighborhoods, and supported a Wetlands Protection Ordinance to preserve critical environmental areas. As part of the mitigation from the Suffolk Downs project, Lydia secured increased staffing at the Department of Conservation and Recreation to steward Belle Isle Marsh. Learning from the loss of open space in Boston’s Seaport, Lydia demanded, and secured, permanent conservation restrictions (or in some cases, public ownership) for open and green spaces at Suffolk Downs, and supported expansion of pedestrian paths and bikeways.

Earlier this year, Lydia joined Councilors Michelle Wu and Matt O’Malley to file an ordinance that would require the city to divest from fossil fuel companies and ensure that city dollars are invested in industries that will help bring about a cleaner, more sustainable and more equitable future. Most recently, Lydia introduced – and City Council adopted – a resolution in support of amending the plan ensure our waterfront is equitable, inclusive, and accessible to all.

Endorsed by Teamsters Local 122

Lydia Edwards has been endorsed by Teamsters Local 122 and Teamsters Local 25 in the special election to State Senate. Primary Election Day is December 14, 2021. General Election Day is January 11, 2022.

“Teamsters Local 122 is proud to endorse the candidacy of Lydia Edwards to the Massachusetts Senate in the First Suffolk & Middlesex District. Local 122 has supported Lydia as a Boston City Councilor, where she has fought for the issues that benefit working families. Her commitment to these issues that make a difference for the better in workers’ lives is needed in the State Senate. The residents of this district will be well-served by Lydia Edwards,” said John F. Murphy, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 122.

“Lydia Edwards is a proven leader who always stands up for our members when greedy corporations are trying to expand profits at their expense,” said Teamsters Local 25 President Sean M. O’Brien. “Lydia Edwards is a relentless public servant who will never stop fighting for better wages, health insurance, retirement benefits and improved working conditions. She also understands the importance of creating coalitions that provide access to job training and other neighborhood resources to help the working class that is too often forgotten by our elected leaders. Teamsters Local 25 is proud and confident to endorse Lydia Edwards for Massachusetts Senate.”

Lydia Edwards is a fierce advocate for workers’ rights. In the Senate, she’ll continue her strong record of passing legislation and delivering resources and results for working people. As a member of the United Auto Workers, Lydia knows the power of a union, but she also knows that every worker, organized or not, deserves dignity, fair compensation and freedom from harassment in the workplace. Lydia Edwards has stood with workers in the hospitality industry, service workers at Logan Airport, student workers in our higher education system, teachers, Brazilian immigrant workers and many others.

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