Origami Fundraiser to Benefit St. Francis House Has Been Extended

A third annual origami fundraiser to benefit St. Francis House, presented by the Black Ink, a shop at 101 Charles St. specializing in paper goods, in partnership with Garden Street resident Gregory W. Skaff, has already raised $3,500 for the cause and has been extended through the end of November.

Throughout the months of September and October, 10 Origami bulls designed by Stephen Weber and folded by Skaff were bestowed on individuals  who made a contribution of $25 or more to St. Francis House, while Black Ink owner, Susan Corcoran, made matching donations, as did St. Francis House itself, with a “three-times match,” according to Skaff.

Maple Leaves model by Kyu-seok Oh, folded By Gregory W. Skaff.
Origami Turkey by Jun Maekawa and Origami Gourdes by Jo Nakashima – all models folded by Gregory W Skaff.

Seven remaining Origami Bulls in assorted colors, along with a Jason Ku Origami Convertible, a Jun Maekawa three-headed crane and Peacock, four Hideo Kamatsu Horses, and one Noboru Miyajima Bat – all folded by Skaff – will be available at Black Ink through the end of November in exchange for voluntary donations of $25 or more to support St. Francis House, which “provides meals, clothing, counseling, employment services and other healing resources, including art therapy,” said Skaff.

Skaff and Corcoran partnered on their first annual origami fundraiser to benefit St. Francis House in September of 2019 after Skaff, who had acquired an Origami star several folded by Corcoran at Black Ink for a fundraiser several years earlier, stopped by the store to thank her for helping to rekindle his interest in the artform following a 37-year lull.

Their first origami fundraiser in September of 2019 raised around $350 for St. Francis House while their effort in the fall of 2020  went to raise another $794  for the cause. In all, Skaff and Black Ink have raised $4,644 for St. Francis House to date.

Corcoran held her first Origami fundraiser in late 2011 to provide relief after Japan suffered a massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that November. Since then, she has held monthly Origami fundraisers at Black Ink to support various philanthropic causes, which besides St. Francis House, have also included Community Servings, Rosie’s Place, Food for Free, BARCC (Boston Area Rape Crisis Center) and Partners in Health.

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