Beacon Hill Pub Responds to Noise Violation Emanating from Deejay Music

Representatives for the Beacon Hill Pub were on hand for a virtual meeting with the city’s Licensing Board on Tuesday, Jan. 11, after the bar was cited for a noise violation last month.

Boston Police Det. Eddie Hernandez said he and another officer, identified as William Gallagher, responded to the establishment at 147-149 Charles St. at around 12:10 a.m. on Dec. 18, and could hear loud disc-jockey music emanating to the street. Using a sound-decibel meter, they measured the music at 72 dB, said Det. Hernandez, even though noise levels there must not exceed 50dB after 11 p.m.

The responding officers also discovered that the establishment’s occupancy certificate from the city’s Inspectional Services Department had expired on Nov. 5, 2020, and cited them accordingly, added Det. Hernandez.

Michael Ford, the attorney representing Beacon Hill Pub, said they have since renewed their ISD certificate, and would provide it to the Licensing Board as requested.

Jeremy Scanlon, the establishment’s assistant manager since 2018, said he wasn’t working on Dec. 18, but spoke with employees on duty that night to get their statements. Since then, the bar has “put in procedures for a walk-through of the premises”; purchased a sound-decibel meter to ensure they’re in compliance; and hired a sound tech who came in and tested the equipment before installing sound “limiters,” said Scanlon.

The bar has also pledged to talk to any future deejays they hire about adhering to sound restrictions, said Scanlon, who added that the establishment hasn’t received any additional noise complaints.

“[Purchasing] the sound-decibel meters is probably the best thing that can be done to add second layer of protection to make sure sound stays within the limit, and that neighbors aren’t disturbed,” added Ford. “We’re doing everything we can to make sure this is remedied.”

Danny Green, executive secretary of the city’s Licensing Board, said the city would take the matter under advisement and issue its decision at a later date.

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