Americans Also Are on the Front Lines

Although we may feel relief that the horrific images from Ukraine of the genocidal actions of Putin’s army against the civilian population are half a world away, every American literally is on the front lines of this terrible conflict thanks to the interconnectedness that is the hallmark of the age in which we live.

It is estimated that 80% of America’s critical infrastructure is controlled by the private sector, all but making a concerted national defense of our electrical grid, water systems, hospitals, and energy supplies nearly impossible.

Moreover, because almost all of these companies have abided by a penny-wise and pound-foolish business model which has precluded investment in defense against cyberattacks, almost every aspect of our life is vulnerable to disruptions by a determined cyberattacker.

So while it may be true that we are safe from a physical attack by bombs (unless Putin goes fully-nuclear), every American must be prepared for the inevitable cyber warfare that will be waged by Putin and other actors that could affect every aspect of our daily lives.

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