Beacon Hill Architectural Commission

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, April 21, 2022, at 5 p.m.

Attention: This hearing will only be held virtually and NOT in person. You can participate in this hearing by going to our online meeting or calling 1-929-205-6099 and entering meeting id # 836 3472 3549. You can also submit written comments or questions to [email protected].

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

1.        Violations APP # 22.1029 BH    14-14A Beacon Street:

Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved video intercom system

2.        Design Review Hearing App # 22.0992 Bh 10 ½ Beacon Street:

Proposed Work: Modify glass in front entry doors previously approved by the Commission. Replacing existing interior lighted marquee sign, Add accessible entry and wayfinding signs, replace existing vertical flagpoles Replace existing bicycle storage rack with new bicycle storage racks, Remove existing side balustrades between building and main balustrade at three locations to improve safety of egress pathway and improve accessible entry pathway, Add up-lights at main entry to light entrance and light flag poles (See Additional Items Under Administrative Review)

APP # 22.0772 BH 103 Charles Street:

Proposed Work: New sign

APP # 22.0927 BH 18 Revere Street:

Proposed Work: Install new window security gates on four ground level windows.

APP # 22.1001 BH   1 River Street Place:

Proposed Work: Install one steel bollard painted black to protect existing masonry. Install one new tree pit fence

3.        Administrative Review/Approval App # 22.0992 BH 10 ½ Beacon Street: Repoint main balustrade and repair mis-matched sandstone (brownstone) patches, patch existing sandstone (brownstone) facade at flagpoles and removed side balustrades, patch terrace pavers with similar materials at relocated tree wells (See Additional Items Under Design Review).

APP # 22.0945 BH 58 Beacon Street: At the main door overhang – chip the hollow cement and refinish, recreating the details to match the existing in historic profile and material.

APP # 22.0904 BH 92 Beacon Street: Replace three, 4 over 4, and one, 8 over 8, non-historic, wood, true divided light, double hung windows in unit 42.

APP # 22.0949 BH 66 Charles Street: Extend the approval for the “Make Way for the Ducklings” window decals.

APP # 22.0993 BH 26 Chestnut Street: Repair front door and shutters. Repaint front door and shutters to BM-Semi-Gloss, Black.

APP # 22.0938 BH 44 Irving Street: Remove existing (non-historic) shutters and replace them with historic replicas, including historic hardware and shutter dogs. Repair any rotten trim in kind to match historic profile and material.

APP # 22.1051 BH 108 Mount Vernon Street: Cut and point mortar joints, repair damaged brownstone headers and sills, scrape and paint bays and windows, color to match existing, replace copper flashings in kind, repair granite foundation, replace damaged bricks to match existing. 

APP # 22.1027 BH 8 Park Street Place: At first floor, far left replace two, non-historic, 6 over 6, wood, double hung windows in kind

APP # 22.1026 BH 31 Pinckney Street: Front: replace rotted wood at the window trims/bay window as needed to match the existing. At rear façade cut 3/4″ into the joints of the bricks and repoint.  Refinish lintels/sills and paint to match the existing.

APP # 22.1025 BH 18 Revere Street: At first floor, replace six, 1 over 1, aluminum windows with six, 1 over 1, wood, double hung windows

4.        Ratification Of March 17, 2022 Public Hearing Minutes

5.           Staff Updates

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