Catsachusetts Cat Con Returns to Boston for Feline Competition

Competing for ribbons, titles, and points, the cats of The International Cat Association will close out their 2021-22 season at Boston’s International Cat Con, hosted by the Catsachusetts Cat Club on April 29th – May 1st in East Boston, Massachusetts. Show address is Porrazzo Memorial Rink. 199 Coleridge St., East Boston, MA 02128.

Watch the competition for the “Best of the Best.” This fun, family-friendly event helps people of every age learn about responsible cat ownership and the incredible world of show cats! Includes breeds such as naked Sphynx, luxurious Persians, sleek Siamese, New England’s own Maine Coons, purring Ragdolls, and exotic looking spotted Bengals, and much more.

Household pets (aka non-pedigreed cats) will also be in the showhall. Judged in a special category, rescue cats compete to become a Supreme Grand Master. Any cat can be a show cat!

Meet (and take a picture with) Amazing Amelia, also known as Floyd from the Netflix series “Gabby’s Dollhouse.”

Joining the show will be the TICA Therapy Cats. Therapy cats provide affection and comfort to people in retirement homes, nursing homes, hospices, schools, and other human service care facilities. Not only do they provide comfort, they can also lower blood pressure, help people feel safe and relieve loneliness and depression.

Featured at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, will be the Parade of Breeds – an educational showcase giving cat lovers the chance to learn about show cats (both pedigreed and household pet), take photos, and chat with one of our judges.

On Saturday afternoon, learn what it takes to be a Cat Judge. Taught by former TICA President, Fate Mays, topics addressed can be anything related to procedures, techniques, standards and rules of judging. A unique opportunity to ask all the questions about the behind-the-scenes education of a TICA Judge.

Visitors who decide to welcome a cat into their lives are encouraged to chat with local rescue partners to discuss post-event adoption opportunities. Quality cat food donations are welcome, benefiting No Kill Shelters.

Shop with local vendors for all your pet needs – cat toys, cat trees, cat beds, grooming supplies and much more.

Tickets for the show are available on Eventbrite or at the door. Visit the Catsachusetts website to keep updated as additional events are added.

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