Upstairs Downstairs Mascot Makes a Wish

For the last three months, the most-photographed item

at Upstairs Downstairs has been the life-size lamb that has graced, at one time or another, both picture windows and every corner of the store…upstairs and downstairs. 

It has been an ambassador of joy and goodwill for so many locals and visitors.  Adults and children of all ages have happily posed for photos beside her dozens and dozens of times.  Recently, the store was visited by three area nurses, Kristen McClain, Sarah Marcinkiewicz, and Caitlin West, who asked to have a picture taken with the lamb.

When they learned the store mascot had no name they offered one up: “ Dolly.” 

Laura Cousineau, owner of Upstairs Downstairs, loved the name and decided that the time had come to use Dolly to help raise funds for her favorite charity – Make a Wish Foundation.  So Dolly is looking for a home and making her own wish that proceeds from the sale will go to the foundation. 

“Dolly has been a wonderful ambassador for our store and we hope she will bring joy to one happy family and all will go to support a worthy cause for one special child,” says Laura.

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