And Just Like That – Summer Ended

Within just a few hours of writing our editorial last Tuesday (August 9) extolling the virtues of the heat and humidity of the summer season, Mother Nature turned the tables on us.

We were sitting in our hot house — we don’t have air conditioning — but enjoying a warm breeze, when, at 8:14 p.m., the wind shifted from south-westerly to north-easterly. The air suddenly became chilly — the temperature dropped 10 degrees within a few minutes — and we soon had to shut all of our windows.

Yes, the weather this past week has been nice (and is forecast to remain so for the next 10 days), but the temperatures have struggled to reach 80 during the day and we’ve had to wear warm clothing in the cool evenings.

No doubt there may be a few lingering hot days in the weeks ahead — we have many fond memories of hot Labor Day (and even some Columbus Day) weekends from our youth.

But it is clear that the summer of 2022 is all but over — and fall is in the air.

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