Letter to the Editor

Homeless Problem

To the Editor,

In case you are not aware we as citizens -who enjoy the Charles River every day for running, biking and walking – have roughly 12 homeless people living on the Charles between Mass Ave. bridge and the old State Police station. They have cell phones, plenty of cigarettes, ($14 a pack) plenty of marijuana, plenty of heroin, one gas grill, tents and plenty of alcohol. Oh they have no problem having oral sex in broad daylight as well- I witnessed that this summer. 

I watched them drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and shoot up heroin as I ran by at dinner time on September 8. At the same time roughly 20 kids with their parents walked by on their way probably to JP Licks after baseball practice. It was dinner time and hundreds of runners and walkers were out there as well. These homeless are getting high before they settle in for the night because thats where they sleep. I also saw an unmarked state trooper and DCF office sitting in their cars doing nothing. 

I counted 11 homeless sleeping out there at 7am as I biked including one tent with a gas grill by the Elliot Bridge.

I will never forget about this summer one night at dinner time -before the July 4 weekend- I watched three homeless people shoot heroin into their arms at the Hatch Shell while a state police detail sat in his car texting. Hundreds of tourists walking by on a picture perfect late afternoon. 

We need to do something about this before it becomes 50 homeless out there and one night a young Beacon Hill resident gets attacked, raped, mugged etc. The Charles River is a jewel of the city.

A Concerned Resident

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