MBTA to Launch Contactless Payment System on Aug. 1

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MBTA will be rolling out its new contactless payment system on Thursday, Aug. 1.

Contactless payment will then be accepted onboard buses, Green Line trolleys, and at all gated subway stations.

Besides providing more flexibility for commuters this new option will allow riders to pay by tapping a contactless credit/debit card, phone with a mobile wallet, or watch on fare readers on buses, on Green Line vehicles, and at all gated subway stations. A one-step option for pay-as-you-go travel, riders can save time by using their contactless credit/debit card, phone, or watch instead of purchasing and reloading a CharlieCard. Riders can look for the  contactless symbol, tap their card or device on the reader at the fare gate or the reader at the vehicle door, wait for the green checkmark, then ride. Riders with weekly or monthly passes or those who would like to continue to use their CharlieCards will not be impacted by the change. The current ways to pay will remain the same.

Riders in reduced fare programs (such as Senior, Student, and TAP) will have the option to link their benefits to their contactless card, phone, or watch.

Moreover, riders will be able to manage their contactless cards, phone, and/or the watch they use for travel through an online Charlie account at Charlie.mbta.com, by calling the Customer Support Center at 617-222-3200, or by visiting the Charlie Service Center. A Charlie account allows riders to check their balance, manage their charges, view their trip history, and access other self-service tools for quick and easy account management. Registration is optional.

Meanwhile, riders who do not want to link their benefits to a contactless card, phone, or watch will be able to continue using their current payment method.

Visit mbta.com/TapToRide for more information.

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