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Saturday’s faces on Beacon Hill

Some of the activities on Saturday on Beacon Hill included the Beacon Hill Civic Association’s clean-up and Hill House Soccer.  In right photo from left Keeta Gilmore, Janet Terlizzi, Joe Walsh and Bob White are ready to distribute brooms, rakes…

Petruccelli wins impressively

Beacon Hill’s Senator Anthony Petruccelli won an impressive victory in Tuesday’s balloting against his opponent, Republican Frank Addivinola. Petruccelli’s total vote districtwide was 23,670 to Addivinola’s 8,548.

Walz wins another term

Representative Marty Walz defeated Brad Marston by a wide margin in balloting today. Walz won 77% of the vote. Unofficial results show Walz with 9148 and Marston with 2669. In addition, she received 1704 in Beacon Hill to Marston’s 745.…