Mayor Thomas Menino

Mayor Thomas Menino is again recovering from yet another operation.

This time, it was to correct difficulties he was having with one of his knees.

As the mayor said succinctly in a Boston Globe piece on his health over the weekend, nearly everything he has faced in the past few years has been more orthopedic than anything else.

We know this to be true.

The infection he suffered in Italy and the subsequent treatment of it landed him in the hospital twice. This was not orthopedic but he has recovered fully from those episodes.

By and large, the mayor’s health is fine, notwithstanding the numerous times he has recently been laid up.

Overall, he remains robust and ready to lead.

He is anxious to put these hospital visits and operations behind him and to resume the regimen that has made him the most visible and well known and liked mayor in the city’s long history.

Those who believe otherwise, are woefully misinformed.

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