BHCA City Services Committee Surveys Younger Residents on Recycling and Trash Habits

Times Staff

The Beacon Hill Civic Association (BHCA) City Services Committee recently conducted a survey of younger residents of the neighborhood to learn their recycling and trash habits.

According to the raw data collected in the survey, nearly 52 percent of the 87 respondents said they recycle every week.

“I was amazed by that number,” Ross Levanto wrote in an e-mail to the Times. “It’s a very high level of participation by our younger residents.”

Around 58 percent said they don’t put trash out three times a week or need to put trash out at that rate.

“Granted, that does mean one out of every four within the group will be affected if a trash day is removed, but I was expecting the number who put trash out three times a week to be higher,” Levanto wrote.

Approximately 20 percent of respondents said they never need to keep trash in their dwelling while around 17 percent said they keep trash in their homes all the time.

“As part of our research into potential changes to trash pick-up schedules, we want to know what the impact of any changes would be on younger neighbors,” Levanto wrote. “We’re making the assumption that younger neighbors tend to live in smaller spaces, and therefore they would be the most impacted by changes to pick-up schedules.”

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