The Weather

Cab drivers share cab stories. Cops trade cop stories. New Englanders talk about the weather.

For the past ten days we have experienced nothing but rain, cold, dreariness and more dreariness. This spate of bad weather at a time when things are supposed to be looking up tends to bring down even the heartiest New Englanders.

We put up with everything here – so why should an extended period of dark skies and wet streets upset our equilibrium?

Because there is so little great warm wonderful weather during a given season that taking away ten days of it is a bit like an amputation of a crucial body part.

In this instance, that body part is our brain.

We are suffering through this miserable period of weather in the hope that on the other side of it there will be sunlight, warmth and the kind of weather that requires short sleeves and shorts, topsiders and sandals, late nights outside enjoying the city during a period we wait for interminably.

The weather forecasters are predicting the beginning of this could be Tuesday but it appears the cycle of bad news needs to go on just a while longer before straightening out.

But then, what does it matter with the Red Sox ½ game out of first after losing their first 6 games in April?

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