Filene’s Basement

The final death knell for Filene’s basement last week is like a stab in the heart for those of us who grew-up with parents who considered Filene’s Basement every bit as good as brand name stores with the most expensive and high quality clothing and accessory items.

If you are over 45, most likely you spent time in the Basement searching for a suit or a pair of slippers or pajamas or even a wedding dress.

Filene’s Basement was as much a part of Boston as our connection to the American Revolution. When the Basement was at it height during the 1960’s and into the 1970’s, its famous bargains attracted people from all over the nation and from every neighborhood in this city absolutely.

Rich or poor, black or white, Old Boston Yankee or Boston newcomer, the Basement was a beacon to all who sought a good bargain for great goods in an intense atmosphere where nearly everyone was rushing to grab a bargain off the clothing racks or from the bins.

Now its gone and like everything else about the past we don’t want to let go of, we lament its demise.

The Basement hasn’t been the Basement we knew for years. But at least in name it was still there.

Now its gone, forever.

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