Mead Becomes Fifth President of Beacon Hill Village

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Frank Mead, one of the founders of Beacon Hill Village (BHV) in 2001, recently became the organization’s fifth president.

As one of the founding directors of Beacon Hill Village, Mead helped nurture this innovative model that enables people 50 and over to live healthy and productive lives while remaining in their homes and neighborhoods. Through the national organization Village to Village, BHV serves as the model for more than 70 villages across America.

A resident of Beacon Hill since 1961, Mead has held positions on numerous boards and commissions, including the presidency and chairmanship of the Beacon Hill Civic Association (BHCA) in the early 1980s and member of the board of the Friends of the Public Garden and Boston Common. He also co-founded the Beacon Hill Seminars, which he and Jack Curtin spun off from the BHV in 2002. These contributions earned Frank the prestigious Beacon Award presented by the BHCA in 2010.

Stephen Roop, who served as president for the past five years, is now the Village’s chairman, having succeeded Mead and Susan McWhinney-Morse, who were co-chairs during Roop’s tenure as President.

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