Thinking Cup Gets BHCA Non-opposition Support for Space

Beacon Hill Civic Association (BHCA) Zoning and Licensing Committee voted Wednesday not to oppose the permits and relief necessary for the Thinking Cup Coffee Shop to open at 14-16 Derne St., although the committee didn’t support the establishment’s outdoor-seating plan.

Thinking Cup, which operates another location at 165 Tremont St., has proposed changing the street-level premises on Derne Street from a deli and coffee shop to a coffee shop with take-out serving freshly baked pastries, salads and sandwiches. Proposed hours of operation would be 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week.

The applicant’s proposal to add 20 outdoor seats long Temple Street was met with resistance from several abutters, who expressed concern about trash and asked to see a comprehensive seating plan. The applicant has agreed to enter into a “good neighbor” agreement with the Civic Association, and is scheduled to appear before the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals on March 15.

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