Spring into Early Childhood Developmental at Hill House

Hill House classes spark physical and mental development among the youngest participants.

The tables are set with small,  inflated balloons, large sheets of paper and blue-and-white paint. Today, Sensory Art participants at Hill House are painting the sky. Some are slow to get their small fingers dirty, but by the end of the class, all are engaged.

Surprisingly, given the kids’ ages (1-2 years), not much direction is given. Instructor Dani Urencio encourages creative and imaginative development.

“When newborns are exposed to very early stimulation, they have a better opportunity to explore cognitive skills,” Urencio said. “It is their time to develop the skills they need to succeed in preschool and the years to follow.”

Instructors like Dani Urencio and Maggie Magner, director of Hill House’s Summer Kiddie Kamp and Family Music Time, Sign & Sign and Babies Musical Playgroup instructor, set the tone for “growing up at Hill House.”

Their classes spark physical and mental development among Hill House’s youngest participants, paving the way for musical theatre, karate, soccer, baseball and many more programs to follow.

Magner and Urencio agree: It is not just about the kids. Both instructors educate parents and lead by example. When a caregiver sees how engaged their children become in artistic and musical activities, they want to bring these activities home.

Hill House offers an array of art, music, movement and athletic programs to children of ages 3 months-12 years. Spring classes begin next week. Visit hillhouseboston.org to register or learn more.

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