How Sweet It Is!: Lemonade Stand Raises Money for a Good Cause

From left: Mae Morelli, Grace Devine, Andie Morelli and Maeve Devine are all smiles as they present their donation to Mass. Eye and Ear.

Sisters Mae and Andie Morelli of Charlestown, along with Grace and Maeve Devine of the Sound End, took their passion for the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary to the streets of Charlestown to help raise funds for pediatric programs at the hospital, according to a Mass. Eye and Ear spokesperson.

The four girls set up a stand to sell refreshing cups of lemonade to Bunker Hill parade-goers walking through the area. The sign on their lemonade stand made the purpose for the purchase clear: “We are raising money for Mass. Eye and Ear, so here are some things you can buy.”

One lemonade seller is a patient of Christopher Hartnick, M.D., of Mass Eye and Ear, who specializes in Pediatrics and Laryngology. In appreciation of the care she received from Dr. Hartnick, she and the others set out raise funds to help other children at the hospital.

After the sale ended, the girls took a special visit to the hospital and proudly presented their donations to Chief Development Officer, Melissa Paul. Mass. Eye and Ear was more than impressed with all of their appreciation and dedication to the hospital.

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