St. Cecilia’s Parish Honored with Preservation Achievement Award

Pastor Reverend John Unni, Susan Park, Board of Directors President, & Greg Galer, Executive Director of the Boston Preservation Alliance.

St. Cecilia’s Parish received an award for Rehabilitation/Restoration of a Religious Property during the October 3rd, 2012 Preservation Achievement Awards.  Pastor Reverend John Unni proudly accepted the certificate from the Boston Preservation Alliance at the Paramount Center, Boston.

During the rehabilitation, the Parish House was demolished, but the original foundation was preserved. The interior of the lower church was gutted, and the upper church and rectory underwent selected restoration. A handicapped ramp, a new, glass entryway and courtyard were built, and there were various upgrades to the building’s structure, such as new flooring, pews, painting, and a re-designed sanctuary. Prior to this restoration, St. Cecilia’s had not undergone restoration since 1954.

The Preservation Achievement Awards was a fun ceremony! The Paramount was gorgeous with so many details. It was a perfect location for a ceremony dedicated to restoring the beauty of historic locations in the Boston area.

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