Downtown School Meeting

Over the last six months, the Boston Public Schools and the School Choice plans have emerged to the forefront in local politics especially for  parents whose children are or could be attending public schools in Boston.

The decisions being made today by city officials on the future of public school education will affect us for years to come.

The Boston school system is at a crossroads.  Everyone agrees that there is much to be done to improve the overall quality of the school system.  John Connolly who is running for Mayor has made education reform a cornerstone of his campaign.

Everyone also agrees that under-performing schools are skewing the overall effectiveness of public education that has made strides in improving education for local students.

On Wednesday, the Neighborhood Association of Back Bay will be hosting a forum with representatives from the Downtown Schools coalition.

Presently, local parents have the options under the proposed school choice plan to send their elementary school-aged children to the Elliot School in the North End and The Harvard-Kent or The Warren Prescott Schools in Charlestown. However, these schools are all top performers for local public schools and as a result there is no space for additional enrollment.

The idea of a Downtown school is not new but has been bandied about for years by local groups.  Today city officials are more receptive to a proposal to build a downtown school than in the past.

The meeting on Wednesday night at the French Cultural Center on Marlborough St. starts at 6:30 p.m. and we urge all interested parents to attend.

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