Congratulations BHCA

The front page story in today’s Beacon Hill Times says it all.

For 91 years, the Beacon Hill Civic Association has been watching out for our neighborhood.

We may take the quaintness and character of our neighborhood as something that should just exist. But this effort takes dedicated work and perserverance of a committed team, which is usually made up of volunteers who give up their nights and weekends.

Over the last decade, there have been numerous issues that the Beacon Hill Civic Association has taken the lead on that have had a major impact  on our neighborhood.

Perhaps, the single most important recent accomplishment of the BHCA has been the negotiations with Suffolk University.

These negotiations have resulted in Suffolk University’s willingness to start selling some of their buildings on the Hill and relocating these classrooms to the downtown.

All of these positive moves by Suffolk University will result in a better quality of life for residents in the Temple Street area.

So as the BHCA starts it 92nd year, we say thank you and wish the new officers and directors a successful year as they start to tackle the new challenges facing our neighborhood.

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