BHAC Determinations

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission held a public hearing: on Thursday, August 21.  The following determinatiuons were voted on

Application 14.1321 BH 42 Mount Vernon Street (continued review)

APPROVED WITH PROVISOS Applicant: Ricky Silva (contractor): Masonry restoration, including selected replacement of deteriorated brownstone panels with tinted precast panels


Applicant: Gerard Driscoll (contractor): Alter garden level entrance to accommodate larger entry door; replace granite coal chute surround with brick

Application 15.198 BH 36 Lime Street APPROVED WITH PROVISOS

Applicant: Bill Foley (contractor): Repoint masonry; apply sealant, contrary to guidelines

Application 15.201 BH 1 Chestnut Street POSTPONED BY REQUEST OF APPLICANT

Applicant: Donald Ryan (contractor): Replace 3 wood 8/8 windows in kind; introduce additional 8/8 w 5:30 PM

Application 15.203 BH 51 Beacon Street APPROVED WITH PROVISOS

Applicant: Derek Taff (owner): Install new window in penthouse; remove utility chimney; replace doors, windows, roof deck railing, etc.

The following items were all approved:

Application 15.199 BH 7 Acorn Street: Replace rear wood window in kind

Application 15.195 BH 7 Anderson Street: Replace 2 wood 2/2 windows at rear in kind; replace glazed rear door with wood paneled door

III. Administrative Review/Approval (continued):

Application 15.048 BH 10 . Beacon Street [Boston Athenaeum]: Install temporary window signage

Application 15.194 BH 42 Beacon Street: Clean and repoint granite courtyard walls

Application 15.060 BH 57 Beacon Street: Rebuild chimney, reusing existing bricks

Application 15.061 BH 16 Brimmer Street: Paint window sash black; repair slate roof in kind

Application 15.185 BH 23 Brimmer Street: Replace 2 wood 2/2 windows in kind; replace 2 wood 1/1 windows with 2/2 replacements; repair wood trim

Application 15.202 BH 37 Brimmer Street: Replace light fixture

Application 15.063 BH 53 Charles Street: Repaint door and storefront windows black

Application 15.200 BH 1 Charles River Square: Masonry repairs and spot repointing

Application 15.196 BH 3 Charles River Square: Repaint fire escape black

Application 15.071 BH 47 Chestnut Street: Replace pendant light in recessed entry

Application 15.072 BH 6 Louisburg Square: Replace two chimneys

Application 15.184 BH 9 Louisburg Square: Repaint front door black

Application 15.188 BH 9 Louisburg Square: Replace copper gutter and downspout in kind; replace rear roof asphalt shingles with slate

Application 15.197 BH 74 Mount Vernon Street: Install 3 storm windows; repaint window trim white

Application 15.062 BH 90 Mount Vernon Street: Repaint front door dark green; repaint window sash and trim white; repaint dormer sash black

Application 13.011 BH Mugar Way: Revisions to previously approved alterations related to Longfellow Bridge reconstruction

Application 15.183 BH 10 Otis Place: Remove 4 windows and install wood 6/6 replacements

Application 15.190 BH 96 Pinckney Street: Remove security grates; install flower boxes; install flag pole hardware

Application 15.181 BH 21 Revere Street: Replace 6 wood 6/6 windows in kind; replace 4 windows on rear elevation [exempt]

Application 15.182 BH 66 Revere Street: Replace copper gutter and downspout in kind

Application 15.189 BH 18 South Russell Street: Replace 10 storm windows; repaint window trim and sash black; repaint dormer trim brown


Joel Pierce (Chair), Annlinnea Terranova, Kenneth Taylor, P.T. Vineburgh, One vacancy

Alternates: Thomas Hopkins, Susan Knack-Brown, Mary Fichtner, Danielle Santos, One vacancy

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