Marinovich Named as Director

The Esplanade Association, the non-profit friends’ group that helps to support the landmark Charles River Esplanade park, has named Tani Marinovich to be its new Executive Director.  Tani has formally been with the Association for over three years as the Director of Development, and has been serving as the organization’s Interim Executive Director since August. Prior to working for the Esplanade Association, Tani co-founded the Friends of the Esplanade Playspace that helped raise $1.2 million to build a state-of-the-art playground in the park. Ms. Marinovich will be the fourth Executive Director of the Esplanade Association since its formation in 2001.

“We are extremely excited about Tani taking on this new role. Her passion for the park and her commitment to the organization will continue to move us forward in making life better on the Esplanade,” noted Margo Newman, Board Chair.

Ms. Marinovich was unanimously voted in by the board after demonstrating her ability to successfully lead the organization, surpass fundraising goals, and overseing important projects like the Hatch Shell Oval Restoration.

In September 2013, the Esplanade Association launched a capital campaign to raise funds for the restoration of the Hatch Shell Oval lawn area. Construction on the lawn kicked off this October and will be completed in December 2014.

The Esplanade Association’s other recent projects include the $500,000 Eliot Memorial Revitalization, which was completed this summer. The organization also employs a full-time horticulturist engaged in tree and turf maintenance, as well as other activities that support the park.  During last year alone, the Esplanade Association brought in over 2000 volunteers to the park to perform critically needed maintenance. 2014 also saw a fourth year of free, summer fitness programs known as “Healthy, Fit and Fun,” attracting over 6000 participants, as well as “Children in the Park,” a park camping program for children with otherwise limited access to green space.

As they look to 2015 the Esplanade Association is focusing on a new “Go Blue” initiative to incorporate more sustainable landscape practices to protect the park and waterways and combat climate change.

About The Esplanade Association

Founded in 2001, The Esplanade Association is a dynamic park friends group dedicated to making life better on the Esplanade.  The Esplanade Association partners with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation as well as with other non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals to complete important capital projects, to maintain and improve the park’s horticulture, and to establish and conduct life-enriching programs at the park.  To learn more about the Esplanade Association, please call 617-227-0365 or visit

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