Banning Replica Handguns in Public Places a Positive Move

An ordinance banning replica handguns in public spaces throughout the City of Boston, aimed at increasing public safety, has been signed by Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh with support from the Boston City Council.

The measure will make residents aware of the danger of replicas and hopefully will increase the dialogue about the consequences of them.

Boston Police have recovered 150 replica handguns in connection with crimes.

Police have a difficult time determining what is a real firearm versus an imitation one given the authentic look, posing a dangerous and possible lethal situation.

Replica guns have become a big issue for police who often encounter young people who are carrying these fake guns setting the stage for a possible problem that can be resolved by banning them from public spaces.

Signing the ordinance will now allow police to confiscate replicas and require the owner to pick them up in person at a district station.

Anyone under the age of 18 that has a replica confiscated, parents will be notified by police giving them an option to retrieve it. Replicas will not be released directly to minors.

The Mayor and the Council deserve credit for their leadership on the issue of replica firearms that really do not belong in public spaces for any reason.

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